Concerns For Cancer Awareness Programs

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

March 26, 2015 – Dave Dahl – Illinois Radio Network Proposed budget cuts have advocates concerned about the impact on many areas, and preventing cancer is one of them.  “Early detection prevents death,” says State Rep. Al Riley (D-Olympia Fields), hoping to reverse a $10 million cut proposed for the…

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Public Comment Period for Springfield Archeological Artifacts Discovery from 1908 Race Riots now “Indefinite”

Capitol Dome

OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill – State Rep. Al Riley held a press conference last week in Springfield and expressed his concern over the public participation process of recent archeological artifacts from homes burned down during the 1908 Race Riots, which are national historical significance.   Last week, the Federal Rail Administration stated…

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Springfield Press Conference

Representative Riley held a press conference in Springfield to discuss the Carpenter Street Underpass project and an archeological find of national historical significance.  The archeological find includes seven home foundations.  Five of the seven homes were burned down during the 1908 Race Riots.  The 1908 Race Riots spearheaded the development…

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Education Group Visits Statehouse

Education groups visited the statehouse on Tuesday to discuss the state’s funding of public schools. They came from all over the state, and voiced concerns to lawmakers. The concerns included the state’s failure to meet funding promises, and growing inequality of funding between districts. But lawmakers say there is at…

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