House Mass Transit Committee To Discuss Task Force Findings

OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill – This week, State Rep. Al Riley, D-Olympia Fields, announced the intention of the House Mass Transit Committee to discuss the findings of the Northeastern Illinois Public Transit Task Force Report during a subject matter hearing on April 21 in Chicago.  The meeting will also chart out the committees’ plans to develop transit reform legislation.

“Our focus will be to evaluate their report and consider whether any recommendations can be part of a comprehensive transit bill that we will develop,” Riley said. “Our transit challenges were not created overnight and it will take time to chart a new course focused on ensuring that the riding public receives the service they expect and deserve.”

Recently, the Northeastern Illinois Public Transit Task Force released a report that detailed internal problems at Metra, Pace, the Chicago Transit Authority and the Regional Transportation Authority. In addition, they released a list of recommendations for lawmakers to consider to correct the issues within each agency.

“Prior to the release of the report, the General Assembly had already taken steps to address many of these problems,” added Riley. “After the winter storms, the leaders of the RTA and the three service boards appeared before the Mass Transit committee to explain why they experienced glaring service issues during and after the storm. The hearing was helpful in providing legislators insight into daily operational problems and what the agencies needed to do to prevent them from happening in the future.”

For more information, please contact Riley by email at r[email protected] or by phone at (708) 799-4364.