The Damage Done: How Illinois Is Unravelling Its Human Service

Illinois Partners for Human Services

The Illinois budget impasse has been a disaster for the state’s human service infrastructure.  The most respected and prominent human service providers are being run out of our state. Entire human service programs – like homeless services and sexual assault prevention – are in danger of going extinct in Illinois. Of the 1400+ human service program categories funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services and Aging, the majority have received substantial cuts.

Without these programs in place, tens of thousands of Illinoisans go without treatment – which can lead to increased prison recidivism and emergency room usage, greater strain on limited police and 911 call center resources and contribute to rising drug abuse and unemployment rates.

During this crisis we have not yet had a full and clear picture of the damage done on a community-by-community level in Illinois– until now.

All the data contained here in the Illinois Human Services “Heat Map” — obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests — describe the drastic decline in just one year between fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

– 31.4% less to IL Department of Human Services
– 29.8% less to IL Department on Aging

The information provided here illustrates the full breadth of human services and what’s at stake in Illinois – programs supporting substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, sexual assault, homelessness, disabilities, job placement and more.  Each of these services are at dire risk due to depleted funds and “lost” contract payments.

Follow the links below for detailed information on the impact of reduced investments by IDOA and IDHS.

Department on Aging    Department of Human Services Methodology and Notes

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